Фирма планирует организовать производство. При этом издержки составят: Коммнальные услуги10 тыс.руб. в месяц Охрана 30 тыс. руб. в месяц Аренда помещения 30 тыс.руб. в месяц Зар.плата рабочих сдельная – 1 тыс. руб. за одну единицу товара Зар.плата директора 30 тыс. руб в месяц Расчитайте переменные, постоянные издержки, величину выручки и прибыли за год, если стоимость одного изделия составляет 5 тыс. руб., а объем продаж за год составит 5000 штук.

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помогите написать письмо деду морозу не большое

I. Use the correct tense-forms of the verbs in brackets.1. If the weather (keep) fine we (stay) here until the end of the month.2. She said she already (buy) all the Christmas presents.3. I (know) him for seven years. We (study) at school to¬gether.4. I (turn) round and (see) a girl at the far end of the street. She (call) for help.5. What you (think) of the chairmans report?-The facts (sound) very convincing6. I dont think the weather (change) for the better. But if it (do) we (go) on an outing.7. No one knew that David (do) research on this problem for nearly two years.II. Choose the right article.1. ..robbers had left by ...time the police arrived.2. What were you doing when you heard ...news?3. When you are typing ...letter remember to type ...date at... top and to sign your name at... bottom.4. Its ...best salad Ive ever eaten. Can you give me ...recipe?5. When ...door-bell rang, he just stood near for... moment before opening it.6. Anyone can make ...mistake.III. Choose the suitable preposition.1. Why are you (in, on, by) such a hurry?2. It hurt the eyes to look (on, at, in) the sun.3. Ive bought this cake (on, to, for) your birthday.4. I always finish work early (in, on, at) Fridays.5. How many cinemas are there (in, on, at) this town?IV. Choose the suitable pronoun.1. We study almost (every, some, no) day.2. I have two packs of cards. One is on the table, (another, other, the other) is in the drawer.3. (Nobody, Any, Someone) can do it but you.4. I think rock music is just (a lot, many, much) of noise.5. Theres hardly (some, any, no) tea left.V. Put the words in the right order to make up a sentence.1. broken/window/when/the/was?2. when/bus/ waiting/the/we/accident/an/were/for/we/saw.3. want/a/be/he/still/does/to/policeman?4. to/a/quite/had/we/go/way/long.VI. Choose the right variant.1. Im awfully sorry.a) Dont mention it.b) Thats O.K.c) It serves you right.3. Could you pass me the paper?a) Yes, I could.b) Yes, I will.c) Here you are.2. How are you?a) Dont worry.b) And how are you?c) Im fine, thank you.4. Will you open the drawer for me?a) What do you want?b) Do it yourself.c) Sure, no problem.VII. Choose the appropriate word.This summer is (so, such) hot. London is already (full, filled) of tourists and (there, it) is (heavy, hard) to find room to walk (along, across) the pavement in some areas, (especialy) specially) in Piccadilly. Its (almost, rather) impossible to work in this (hot, heat). Most of the time we (drink, eat) iced cokes in the office and (fun, fan) ourselves with pieces of (typed, typing) paper.

Назовите надсистему для объекта «принтер». В каком отношении находятся объекты «принтер» и «струйный принтер»?

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