Помогите плиз!Rewrite the sentences in the Present Perfect using the adverbs already, just.Mo d e l : My brother is going to repair the cassette-recorder. My brother has already repaired the cassette-recorder.1.I am going to have some practice at the laboratory. 2.I am going to clean the flat. 3. John is going to shave.4. They are going to have a rest in the country. 5. Ann is going to turn off the gas. 6. The boy is going to brushhis clothes, isnt he? 7.I am going to turn on the light. 8. His family are going to listen to the seven oclocknews, arent they? 9. Who is going to have a bite? 10. What are you going to do? 11. They are going to stay outof town for a fortnight. 12. Im going to look through his article.

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